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Physiotherapy for Your
Core & Pelvic Floor 

Helping moms rebuild a strong and resilient core for dry laughs, heavy lifts, and life's unpredictable twists.

Pelvic health rehab

Prenatal & Postnatal care

Core rehab and strengthening

Pre- and post-abdominal surgery rehab

“That’s just how it is after kids...”

Even though what you’re going through is often shrugged off as normal, deep down inside, this probably doesn’t sit well. The leaks when you sneeze, the core that didn't “bounce back” like you expected, the feeling that things just aren't right down there, you might be thinking, this can’t be my new normal, but where do I go for help?


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Ever been told that? 

Or maybe you’ve heard that pelvic floor physiotherapists are specially trained to help these exact conditions, but you've been putting off seeking help because, let's face it, it's a bit embarrassing and opening up to a complete stranger about these personal matters isn’t exactly appealing. Not to mention, trying to fit more appointments into your already busy life as a mom, for the purpose of self-care, feels like mission impossible!


Another mission is finding someone you trust, someone you feel comfortable with, someone with experience…someone who just gets it.


Well, if that's what you're looking for, we've got you covered.


At Core Radiance PT, this is what we do every. single. day. There is no topic off limits, no judgement, and no shame. From the moment you reach out to us to our very last session together, we will create a supportive environment where you can openly share your experiences and concerns, ensuring that every step of your core and pelvic health journey is tailored with care to get you back to feeling like you again!


At Core Radiance PT, we understand that every mother’s journey is unique. We offer customized care plans that are tailored to your specific needs, helping you achieve optimal health and well-being and to feel your best. 

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prenatal Care

Pregnancy can be such an exciting time but carrying that bundle of joy can leave you feeling like your back and pelvis are pulling double duty! Get relief and support for your changing body by someone who understands both the physical and emotional aspects of what you're going through. 

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Sometimes the aftermath of pregnancy and childbirth can leave you dealing with unexpected leaks or feeling like your core strength is on vacation. Whether immediately after delivery, years later, or even decades, the combination of pelvic floor and core rehab will help you feel like you again. 

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Diastasis recti care

Are you feeling confused, overwhelmed, or just unsure on how to manage diastasis? Get clear, step-by-step guidance on how to exercise with diastasis and for your diastasis so you can experience the joy in moving freely again while also working on the tone and strength of your abdominal muscles. 

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tummy tuck care

Getting a tummy tuck can be life altering yet the fear of harming your newly operated core can stop you in your tracks and prevent you from moving forwards in your recovery. Let us show you how to reconnect with your core and build core strength confidently after getting this surgery. 

Nurture Your Core,Shine With Radiance

We believe in the power of the ripple effect of positive change. By helping moms feel better in their bodies, we foster a community of happier, healthier families, contributing to a brighter future for all.

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We excel in pelvic floor and core health

Rather than branching out and offering every physiotherapy service possible, we lean into our expertise in pelvic floor and core health. Staying focused on these allows us to us to bring a deeper level of understanding to each interaction so you get the most out of each session.

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We come directly to you

At Core Radiance PT, we understand the demands on your time, especially as a mom. That's why we offer the convenience of bringing our expert pelvic floor physiotherapy services directly to you. By choosing our mobile service, you can enjoy the comfort and privacy of receiving specialized care in the familiar surroundings of your own home. This convenience means you don't have to worry about travel or childcare arrangements to attend appointments.

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We go above and beyond

Excellence is one of our core values and that means you can expect to receive the highest quality care as we go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. It’s not easy talking about things like incontinence, prolapse, or how you don’t feel good in your body, so we will hold a safe space for you.

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We empower you with knowledge

We won’t just give you a list of exercises and send you on your way. We will take the time to explain why each step is important because it's not just about doing the motions, but understanding how it helps your body. By passing on this knowledge, the impact of our sessions will extend far beyond the treatment room and you’ll have valuable insights that last a lifetime.


Meet Your Physiotherapist

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Hi there! I'm Munira, a mom, a devoted physiotherapist and your ally in core and pelvic health. 

Having experienced firsthand the profound impact of pregnancy on the body, I understand how you can have overwhelming gratitude for what your body accomplished during pregnancy and delivery, while also feeling weighed down by the physical toll of it all.


In my 13 years of experience in working with moms, and teaching fellow professionals around the globe, I can say that it is possible to feel like yourself again after having kids, and it’s much easier to get there when you have someone to support you.


At Core Radiance PT, we understand that being there for your family is your top priority, and we're here to make sure you can continue doing just that. Our approach is all about flexibility and this means having options about how you receive care. Whether it's bringing care to your doorstep for added convenience or facilitating virtual sessions for days when leaving home feels impractical, we believe in tailoring care to fit seamlessly into your life. It also means you’re more than welcome to bring your kids along so you can get the help you need.

In-Home Care

Virtual Care

In-Clinic Care


Outstanding care shouldn't be a rare find.It should be the standard.

The Process

1. Start Your Journey: Connect with us by sending a quick message to, expressing your interest in scheduling an appointment.

2. Receive a Swift Response and Book Your First Appointment: You can expect a quick response from our team within 24 hours. We'll coordinate and secure an appointment time that aligns with your schedule..  

3. Some Pre-Appointment Prep: Once your appointment is confirmed, we'll send you easy-to-fill forms. Complete these at your convenience before the day of the appointment, allowing your physiotherapist to gain valuable insights into your needs before you even step through our doors.

4. Have Your First Session:  Meet with your physio who will devote the entire time to understanding your challenges and going over your specific concerns. You are more than welcome to bring in a list of questions to the appointment!  After the initial assessment, your physiotherapist will have a better idea of your care plan and how many sessions might be needed. Your input ALWAYS matters, and the plan will be realistic for your lifestyle. 

5. Start Your Journey: With the plan in place, your core health journey commences.


Ready to get started? Email us now at 

Family-Friendly Environment

You don't have to choose between caring for your child and receiving the care you need. Our practice embraces a family-friendly environment, allowing you to bring your kids along so you can focus on your health without worrying about childcare.

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Flexible Care Options

With the option to receive in-home care, you can receive the care you need without the stress of travel. This ensures that our sessions can fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.

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Personalized Care for Your Core and Pelvic Floor

Our personalized approach ensures that you receive targeted care to restore your well-being and help you feel more like yourself again.

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Servicing the Greater Edmonton Area

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