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Tummy Tuck Care

The decision to undergo a tummy tuck is not an easy one and once you've crossed this significant milestone, it's time to focus on ensuring a smooth and successful recovery. That's where a seeing a physiotherapist with specialized knowledge and experience in post-tummy tuck rehab comes into play.

Seeing a physiotherapist after your tummy tuck is essential for several reasons. First, we can help guide you through a recovery plan that improves your mobility, manages pain, reduces swelling, and reduces your your risk of post-op complications. 

Secondly, strengthening your core and body after a tummy tuck can be terrifying. The fear of doing something wrong or causing damage can stop you in your tracks, which is why having a trained physiotherapist by your side can help ensure you’re progressing yourself back at a pace that is appropriate for your healing core. 

Furthermore, going through a customized core rehabilitation program that progresses on to higher level exercises can help you achieve and maintain the best possible results from your surgery.

At Core Radiance PT, we are here to help you have a smooth and easy recovery. We’ll answer all of your questions, address any of your concerns, and provide you with the one-on-one support and guidance to feel much more confident during the recovery process. 

Now providing post-op physiotherapy in-home and virtually to the Greater Edmonton Area!

Tummy Tuck Resources

Did you know Munira co-founded a company called Tummy Tuck Rehab?

If you want to learn even more about what you can do to prepare for and recover from your surgery, check out for free resources, programs, and valuable information. 

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